$6.95 per lb

Full-bodied with a distinct richness, sweet with earthy overtones, and well liked by many.
$6.50 per lb

Aromatic Medium-bodied coffee, alive, with a hit of chocolate.
100% Colombian Supremo
$6.50 per lb

Full-bodied, semi-sweet and well balanced.
$6.95 per lb

Known to be one of the world’s finest coffees. Medium-bodied and bold with hints of citrus.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
$6.95 per lb

Evenly balanced coffee, medium-bodied with lively acidity. Great after dinner coffee.
Costa Rica
$6.50 per lb

Full Bodied and bold, with a hint of bitter sweet dark chocolate.
Papua New Guinea
$6.50 per lb

Full-bodied, aromatic and complex, grown from seeds fo the Jamacian Blue Mountain region. Great Coffee!
Hawaiian Kona
$19.95 per lb

100% pure top-grade Kona. Chosen from one of Hawaii’s top estates, Medium to full-bodied, with sweet overtones.
Jamaican Blue Mountain
$28.95 per lb

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has been labeled as the best coffee money can buy. Medium-bodied and full of flavor.