About Us

For the past 50 years, family-owned Fratelli Coffee has been roasting, blending and providing our customers with the world's finest coffees. Our story began in Italy, where our family learned to select the beans and blends that would make the best tasting coffees.

This knowledge was brought to America, and we opened our first facility in Chicago in 1964. Today we have grown into a 30,000 square foot facility with state of the art grinding and packaging equipment to meet our customers' every need. We offer a variety of coffees: from Custom Blends to single origin. We pride ourselves on sourcing the earth's finest coffees, roasted fresh to perfection, and providing the highest quality in customer service. Each day our master roaster carefully selects and blends the highest quality Arabica coffee beans from Central & South America, Africa and Asia and then roasts his blends in our old world Italian Roaster.

As we grow to serve our customers changing needs, we will not forget our roots or where Fratelli began. We are thankful for those who have built the foundation, and equally thankful for those today who will help to build our business to an even greater level.

And we will always be thankful for our customers and their belief in our fine coffee products.

Come join a family tradition of more than fifty years!

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